If you ever...

Clifton Waters, an Lyon based writer from Orlando FL, once uttered the words "If you ever get the urge to tie up your woman in gold cuffs, and stuff roses into every cavity of her body, you should do it to the beat of the Norwegian con-wave band Liliedugg!"

Many men have followed his wisdom, and found that they never had experienced pleasure until then.

The Norwegian band Liliedugg began their voyage of scaring people shitless in the early 80’s, when they gate crashed a hippie house in Trondheim. They rigged their gear, rehearsed for seven minutes and dismissed themselves. The following day they took their act to town, played the first verse of the Stooges “I got a right” at a student gathering. As an encore they did the whole song, smacked down a music journalist, got arrested, and the legend was born. For nearly two years they toured the country with their chaos sideshow, but were caught up by drugs, psychosis and women in late 82.

Up till now no one have ever been able to label their music, but Stooges, Birthday party, and a dash of everything that could not fit in the mix, is probably the closest. The only certain thing is that they never left a crowd indifferent. Brawls broke out between those who loved them, and those who hated them. They would without doubt have been the band in the world causing the most murders, suicides and veneric deseases, if the Norwegian secret police had not impounded the first edition of their first album. Tipper Gore praises the gods that playing cd’s backwards is impossible.

After years of therapy, rehabs and marriages, they are back. Working on a new album and hitting the roads again. To the joy of the army of youngsters who have wept their teenage tears because they were born too late. Every daredevil and passionate romantic should know their visiting hour. NO CHANGE XEPT A NEW DRUMMER, "THE NOTORIOUS PER". A NEW CD IS IN THE MOULDING, AND THE OLD STUFF FROM WHEN WE MADE VINYL IS DIGIT AND READY FOR CONSUMPTION. THERE WILL BE GIGS AND SCIENTIFIC PUKE, SO HANG ON. WE DIDNT GET ENOUGH LOVE AS CHILDREN AND MIDDELAGED MEN, SO LOVE US LIKE SICK FUCKS.

- Can a man have a decent cigar here?

Published 26.04.09 19:05 by propaganda